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Hewlett Packard / Agilent E1498A V743/100 VXI Embedded Controller 32MB

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The Hewlett Packard / Agilent E1498A is a V743/100 VXI Embedded Controller. The E1498A has a 100 MHz 7100LC PA-RISC processor. The E1498A is a single width C-Sized VXI module.  The V743/100 embedded computer is a high performance message-based computer.  The E1498A uses HP's PA-RISC technology to deliver extraordinary performance and direct VXI access at a very competitive price.  The E1498A was develped specifically as an embedded HP-UX (UNIX) computer for VXI, the V743/100 somputer provides the high I/O performance of direct VXI backplane support, the space savings of an embedded computer.  Some of the features of the Agilent E1498A are:
  • 1-slot, C-size, message based computer
  • Direct VXI access with PA-RISC technology
  • Compatiblity with HP series 700 workstations/computers
  • C-SCPI and Agilent VEE support
  • VXI plug&play compatible with HP-UX drivers