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Tektronix VX4380 256-Crosspoint Relay Matrix w/ Option 1

Tektronix VX4380 256-Crosspoint Relay Matrix w/ Option 1

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The Tektronix VX4380 256-Crosspoint Relay Matrix Module is a VXI module.  The VX4380 has Option 1 installed.  The VX4380 provides four 4x16 2-wire matrix sections.  Each section of the Tektronix VX4380 can be configured to connect either the four rows or the sixteen columns to the section above or below it to produce up to a 16x16 2-wire matrix or a 4x64 2-wire matrix.  Some of the features of the VX4380 are:
  • Option 01- this option enables the VX4380 to control up to 11 additional relay modules from the Tektronix family of relay modules.  These modules are controlled via the VXI P2 local bus
  • High density single slot VXi relay matrix module with four 2-wire matrices
  • 2A switching maximum current per contact
  • 220VDC, 250VAC maximum switching voltage per contact
  • 60W, 125VA maximum switching power per contact
  • Latching relays for low-power, low-noise operation
  • Two 160-pin DIN front panel connectors
  • >15MHz bandwidth (-3dB) for 4x16 2-wire matrix
  • >15MHz bandwidth (-3dB) for 16x16 2-wire matrix

The Tektronix VX4380 is a C-Sized VXI module and will work in any Agilent, Tektronix, VXI Technology, Racal and National Instruments VXI mainframes.

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