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Tektronix VX4730 12 Channel DAC

Tektronix VX4730 12 Channel DAC

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The Tektronix VX4730 is a 12 Channel 16-bit, 16V, 400mA DAC. The VX4730 is a C-sized VXI card. The Tektronix VX4730 consists of twelve independent single ended 16-bit DACs, individually programmable from -16.3835 volts to +16.3835 volts in 0.5 millivolt steps. Monotonicity is guaranteed to 14bits.
On the VX4730, each output channel of the DAC provides a minimum of 60 milliaperes of current, with all channels driven. In addition, any individual channel of the Tektronix VX4730 may provide up to ±16.3835V into a 40ohm load.  The total current for all twelve channels cannot exceed 720mA.
NSN 6625014230352

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