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Kinetic Systems V208 ADC VXI Card

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The V208 is a single width, C-size, register-based, VXIbus module that provides high-speed, high-resolution, analog-to-digital conversion. The full part number is V208-ZD22 which means it is 16-bit,200,000 Sample/second ADC Subsystem with 4 Mbyte Multibuffer with Pre-Trigger.  The V208 is intended for use with the KineticSystems line of VXIbus signal conditioning modules that incorporate the analog MUX-bus™ (e.g., Models V243, V246, V252, etc.) allowing extremely flexible system configurations without the need for intermodule cabling.  The V208-ZD22 provides four instrumentation amplifier inputs, allowing high data throughput even with a large number of input channels. When used with 11 V243 signal conditioning modules, up to 1056 channels can be converted with each channel having its own limit-checking value. Up to 4 preconditioned signals can be monitored by the V208 without any signal conditioning modules.  This product provides a high degree of flexibility in configuring an analog sampling system. With the optional multibuffer memory, data can be taken at high sample rates with conventional controllers. If the Digi-bus™ option is used, the converted data can be forwarded to the V165 Digital Signal Processor or other modules supporting this protocol.  The V208 supports both static and dynamic configuration. It may be accessed using A32/A16, D32/D16 data transfers.