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Interface Technology SR5010

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The Interface Technology SR5010 is a C-Sized VXI module.  The SR5010 has a dual processor architecture that is optimized for digital testing. The SR5010 provides the VXI Bus message-based interface to the Slot-0 Controller. The Control Processor is the real-time digital test engine controlling the conditional test branching, looping, sequencing and logic analysis trigger evaluation.  Based on the IT9010M industry standard VXI bus interface chip, the SR5010 meets the requirements of VXI Bus Specification Versions 1.3 and 1.4. The SR5010VXI bus interface receives message-based commands from the Slot-0 Controller, then becomes the VXI Bus Master to pass test parameters and data to the SR5000 I/O modules. The System Processor provides the command power for the SCPI-syntax word serial command structure.  The 50 MHz Control Processor provides real time control of the test pattern sequence by controlling nested looping and conditional branching. This capability allows the SR5000 to generate stimulus patterns to the UUT, analyze the UUT response patterns, and determine the next test pattern based on test conditions such as expected response pass/fail, loop count, external input flags, response trigger qualifiers, etc.
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