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Narda SFD21A1819-09 PCS Duplexer

Narda SFD21A1819-09 PCS Duplexer

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Narda’s SFD21A1819-09 PCS Band Duplexer provides highly selective receive / transmit combining. It is designed to pass the full PCS receive and transmit bands while providing more than 60 dB isolation. Out-of-band rejection is 60 dB minimum from DC to 1825 MHz and 55 dB from 2015 to 4000 MHz. This duplexer has a 1.0 dB maximum passband insertion loss with 0.7 dB typical. Power ratings are 100 watts CW, 400 watts peak, with multi-carrier powers of 6 carriers at 10 watts each. Passband return loss is specified at 14 dB maximum.  The unit has the N connector option.