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North Atlantic Industries 5410C-57 D/A Convertor

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The North Atlantic Industries 5410C-57 is a D/A Convertor.  The full part number is 5410C-57-2.  The -2 makes it a ±16.3835.  The 5410C-57 Digital/Analog Converter (D/A) is a single slot message based VXIbus instrument that provides eight (8) independent, isolated 16-bit digital-to-analog (D/A) channels within a VXIbus compatible size "C" IAC per IEEE-STD-1014. Each D/A is guaranteed to be monotonic (16 bits) over the full temperature range. Each output can supply 50 mA. Remote Sensing is provided for each channel to eliminate errors caused by voltage drops on the interconnecting cable. Internal protection is provided to prevent output voltages from going to the rails if Remote Sensing is inadvertently disconnected.
NSN 5998014322052