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Solartron SI 1270B VXI Frequency Response Analyzer

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The Solartron SI 1270B is a VXI Frequency Response Analyzer.  The Solartron 1270B VXI Frequency Response Analyzer is a “C” sized instrument on a card, suitable for use in “D” size racks with adapters. The 1270B analyzer is generated with sine, square, or triangular wave stimulus, and features a frequency range of 1 mHz to 20 kHz. The single sine correlation technique provides complete rejection of unwanted signal components, and the integral modulator/demodulator allows for compatibility with AC carrier systems. Additionally, the system’s integral synchronizer provides relative phase measurements, and the analyzer also has two independent input channels. Applications for the device include servo systems, hydraulic actuators, and electro-mechanical components.  The Solartron Instruments SI 1270B is a C-Sized VXI card.
NSN 6625014322172