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VXI Technology SM1000A with SM5002 General Purpose Relay VXI Card

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The VXI Technology SM1000A is a single width C-Sized signal switching system.  The SM1000A has qty.1 SM5002 installed.  The SM5002 is a high-density basic switch module, designed for general purpose switching where individual relays can be used to route a signal to one of two points. Up to 300 individual SPDT relays can be accommodated in a double-slot VXIbus card (SM1000B) for maximum density, or mixed and matched with other SMIP cards for flexibility. All relays in the SM5002 are also driven from the VXIbus +5V supply line, since VXIbus mainframes always have ample current capability on this supply line, as opposed to the +24 or +12V supply lines.