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SBS / GE Fanuc IP-Relay Industrypack Module

SBS / GE Fanuc IP-Relay Industrypack Module

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The SBS / GE Fanuc IP-Relay provides eight form C (double pole, double throw) latching relays. Relays on the IP-Relay Industrypack module provide the ultimate switch for accurate signal transmission. Gold plated bifurcated contacts add only 60 m? resistance, even after one million operations. Advanced design results in excellent vibration and shock resistance. Contacts on the IP-Relay are rated at 1 Amp at 30 VDC. Local timing logic automatically generates the necessary 3 msec pulse necessary to set or reset each relay. Pi filters prevent coil noise from entering the power supply line. CMOS logic keeps average power dissipation on the IndustryPack extremely low. An onboard wiring option permits using the IP-Relay as a signal multiplexor or de-multiplexor. In this configuration the IP functions as a dual eight channel mux. This mode is convenient for selecting sensors to the IP-Precision ADC, or for selecting target devices from IP-16DAC.

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