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Tektronix VX4750 0.001Hz-25MHz Function Generator, Arbitrary, Pulse, Ramp, Sine, Square

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The Tektronix VX4750 is a 0.001Hz-25MHz VXI Function Generator. The VX4750 Function Generator module can be used in any mainframe that meets the VXIbus specifications and is C-sized. The Tektronix VX4750 is a single channel function generator capable of generating sine, triangle, ramp, dc, square, pulse and arbitrary waveforms. The function ourput is capable of driving 11Vp-p into a 50ohm load. The maximum output frequency of the VX4750 is 25MHz. The selected waveform may be output continuously or gated on for a programmable number of cycles.
The Tektronix VX4750 has extensive internal and external modulation capabilities. These include FM, PM, AM, PSK, FSK and PWM. The forms of modulation may be applies to any of the waveforms that the VX4750 is capalbe of generating (with the exception of PWM, which applies only to the pulse waveform). The Tektronix VX4750 may be programmed to sweep the fequency of the output waveform over its entire frequncy range. The module outputs a TTL compatible Sweep SYNC signal at the end of each sweep and a TTL compatible marker freq signal at a specified frequency within the sweep. The polarity of each of these TTL signals is programmable.

Data Sheet: Tektronix VX4750 Data Sheet

NSN 6625014150137