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Tektronix VX4790A Arbitrary Waveform Generator with Option 2

Tektronix VX4790A Arbitrary Waveform Generator with Option 2

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The Tektronix VX4790A is a Waveform Generator.  The VX4790A has option 2 which adds 1Megasample memory. The VX4790A Arbitrary Waveform Generator Module is a printed circuit board assembly designed for use in a mainframe conforming to the VXIbus specification. The VX4790A generates user-defined waveforms of up to 262,144 voltage samples at sample rates of up to 25 MHz using either the internal or external clock source.

One of the main features of the VX4790A is its ability to vary the output frequency and amplitude of a stored waveform without having to re-send the waveform from the system controller. In addition, the ARB has sine, square, sawtooth, and triangular waveforms stored in internal memory, giving it many of the features of a function generator.

The ARB module produces an analog output capable of driving a 50ohm load in three voltage ranges:

• ± 10.22 V (5 mV resolution)
• ± 5.11 V (2.5 mV resolution)
• ±0.1 V (50 microvolt resolution)

A programmable attenuator is provided on the VX4790A which can reduce the programmed output voltage. The output value may be expressed as a percentage of full scale when programmed.

A series of low pass filters may be switched on the VX4790A into the output under program control. Filters available include: 5 MHz low pass, 500 kHz low pass, and 50kHz low pass.

The programmed waveform(s) can be repeated continuously or from one to 255 times. Programmable breakpoints can be entered in any non-consecutive voltage sample.
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